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At Pacific Reef Tropical Fish, our vision is to create a comprehensive shopping experience for guests as they explore the world of tropical fish keeping and all its' wonders. We are committed to the growth of our hobby through education, product demonstrations, and technical service.
We pride ourselves on maintaining pristine aquarium display tanks with a diversity of the healthiest livestock specimens from all corners of the globe. We offer the widest selection of live corals and live rock at the most competitive prices to deliver long-term value and present a one stop arena for your aquatic needs.

Pacific Reef Tropical Fish retail locations offer a variety of products ranging from a small betta bowl to custom built aquarium displays that are only limited by your own imagination. We carry the most innovative and high-tech specialty aquarium equipment with an educated staff that actually have first hand knowledge–you can always count on someone for support and service.

The first Pacific Reef Tropical Fish store was opened in 1995 in Anaheim, CA. The store started as a family operated business and catered to guests within a 25 mile radius. After many years of growth, it was decided to expand into a franchise in Fountain Valley, CA in 2004 and Torrance, CA in 2006. The addition of these stores added to volume purchasing to keep costs low for our customers and proved that there was a need for high quality livestock and equipment with a personal touch. Our most recent addition is our Orange store that opened on July 1, 2008. Although we recently closed our original store, we are actively scouting out new locations to serve you better.

We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to serving your aquatic needs in any of our retail locations.

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